The vintage design will always remain in style. It is endless, constantly nourished by the key pieces of what, one day, was considered innovative. Some elements of good design are here to stay. They are made timeless by the quality of their creation: their shape, texture, or personality.

Let's welcome summer with a recipe to create a vintage garden that delivers nostalgia in an exquisite and contemporary way.

The elements of yesteryear

A vintage garden is only made complete by artifacts of the past. It is easy to acquire vintage items if you know where to look: garage sales, thrift stores, and even specialized antique shops.

Look for charming, simple objects: watering cans, ceramic pots, wooden drawers, woven baskets, and iron tables. Everything has value if you know how to observe with the eyes of an artist.

To contrast, look for two extremes: complexity and timeless simplicity.

Statues, copper chandeliers, marble pedestals, and glass lanterns will serve you well as visually complex items and will surely become conversation starters. Be bold and tell a story in your garden.

The contemporary wink with a vintage look by AMA Luxury Shower

At AMA Luxury Shower, we have created several paradoxes with our stainless steel outdoor showers. An extraordinary example is the Atena outdoor shower: a garden shower column made of AISI 316L marine grade stainless steel, 2mm thick, and an exceptionally simple silhouette conceived with a copper finish to compliment your vintage garden.

Inspired by the traditional curve of antique bathroom faucets, this 8-foot-tall column stands tall with elegance and functionality. Available in five different finishes, Atena is the icing for a vintage garden design that appears noble and cohesive.